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9.8 meters per second squared

Faith in Gravity

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ATTENTION VISITORS: As the former moderator and maintainer of Faith in Gravity, it is with deepest regret that I inform you that the game has come to a close. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of it. Former members of faithingravity can be found at inryoku, pr3dilection, and g_o_l. Thank you to everyone who loved and supported FiG.

"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love."

--Albert Einstein

"It's gravitation."

--Seguchi Tohma

--universal law of gravitation

Hello and welcome to Faith In Gravity, a Gravitation roleplaying community. No, this is not a fan community. If you're looking for a good place for Gravi fandom, I suggest make_me_shining or gravifansunite.

This community is unlike many of the other roleplaying groups on LiveJournal. It is a serious, creative endeavour with a clear storyline and, as such, requires more rules than many other communities. This is a closed game. New members are welcome to audition for the part of their choice, but an audition does not guarantee a spot in the roleplay. This may sound harsh, but it has a purpose--this game is conducted according to a strict style and set of rules, and players who cannot respect or adhere to these rules would ruin the game for everyone else.

NEWS! Please note that all third-person entries have now been indexed in the community memories. See the memories page for a comprehensive listing of entries by character and player as well as quick links to monthly narration entries.

Note to readers: faithingravity is not the only place where roleplaying is conducted for this game. To see all of the entries, it is necessary to read not only the community posts but also the community friends page, where first-person journal entries by the characters are displayed.

A full list of rules and explanations is forthcoming. For basic info, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you are interested in auditioning, please don't hesitate to contact transrelativity at legato_bleu@hotmail.com, on AIM at screenname "seme yuki eiri", on Yahoo at screenname "uesugieirisan", or by leaving a comment in narrative_voice, the OOC community for this roleplay.

Current Cast:

Shindou Shuiichi shuiichi (played by calliopeoracle)
Yuki Eiri uesagi_eiri (played by transrelativity)
Seguchi Tohma tohma_seguchi (played by hinoai)
Nakano Hiroshi hiroshi_kun (played by naru_chan)
Fujisaki Suguru fujisaki (played by psychoteffy)
Sakuma Ryuichi ryuu_kun (played by illuminesce)
Usami Ayaka usami_ayaka (played by _chrysalis_)
Sakano producersakano (played by blackwell)
Aizawa Tachi ask_concentrate (played by teruteruboozu)
Ma-kun ask_blondie (played by alsie)
Kaoruko-san val_kaorokusan (played by userinfoearthdragon84)

These parts are NOT available for audition.

Open Spots:

Seguchi Mika
Mr. K [mister_k]
Uesugi Tatsuha
Ukai Noriko
Shindou Maiko [manga-only; see me for specific audition requirements]

If there is a character you are interested in playing who is not on either of these lists, please contact transrelativity as stated above regarding a special audition. No original characters, please.

**Please contact transrelativity with audition requests!**

Currently in Audition: Seguchi Mika

Actively Requesting Players for: Mister K, Ken-chan

this community is maintained by transrelativity

"hentai-free" graphic by transrelativity

community background, icons, and layout by illuminesce