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Day in, day out, the clock would tick. Days passed him by without Ma-kun even realizing where the time had gone. He was a walking corpse. Alive, yes, of course. Mentally stable? Far from it. With each passing day he could feel himself slipping. Ok, ok...maybe he was stable. Though, it was in the slightest. Ever since that talk with the doctor. The visit to the hospital, a place he hated almost as much as his Father. The blonde was walking on tiny, razor-like shards of glass. One wrong turn from him, undecided thoughts spoken aloud to Tachi, and Ma-kun would stumble yet again. He had fallen numerous times from previous mishaps and falls. The glass was already bloody.

At least his mask was in place. Ever since the accident, Ma-kun had been hiding while at work, or just the public in general. They wouldn't see how he really felt. It was a challange for the blonde, hiding his feelings was always something that he was told nod to do. However, this time around, he knew that the task had to be done. So, each day that Ma-kun had to go to work, up went the face. Smiling, helpful to customers, whatever he needed to be. Back at the apartment, though? He was blank, and indescribable. Almost numb, to say the truth.

One thing he was grateful for, were the visits. Everytime he went to see the singer, Tachi seemed to be getting better. Of course, it wasn't by much. Just bit by bit, It was a start, though, Ma-kun knew.

That recent visit, though... Ma-kun had come from home, for once, as opposed to going to the hospital straight from work. It was easy by now, manuvering through the vast halls of the vicinity. Ma-kun had come to visit Tachi almost daily by this point. It was awkward to walk in upon the ex-singer...with a dark haired woman nearly sprawled face down upon him.

The whole encounter was far too aggravating for Ma-kun. While the blonde didn't absolutely loathe the reporter, Ma-kun didn't exactly enjoy Kaoruko's company. Sure, he helped her back to her room, as any other polite person world do. He just wanted to get back to Tachi as soon as he possibly could.

His visit didn't run like it normally did, however.

"Excuse me," a voice came from behind the blonde, closer to the door. Though, Ma-kun didn't turn around. "Can I speak to you for a moment," a pause,"...Ma-kun?"

His hair was tousled from laying his head on the blankets so often. Ma-kun vaguely reconized the voice behind him, it was the doctor he had spoken with when Tachi was frist brought into the hospital.

Untwining his fingers from Tachi's, the blonde rose. "Oh..yeah." The same hand that was twined came up to rake through his hair. "Sure."

"I'm sorry if I was interrupting something. I needed to talk to you in private about Aizawa-kun's you mind if we step into my office? It's a private matter." The doctor's voice was calm, soothing almost, which eased Ma-kun. A little.

What..what is this about? The blonde tore through his thoughts again. He wants to talk about Tachi's condition? W..what else is wrong with him? Did the accident injure him more than we thought? He snapped back to reality and shook his head a little. Glancing to Tachi for a moment (before they left the room), Ma-kun followed the doctor into his office.

After introductions were made, Ma-kun took a seat at the well-cushioned chair that was set in front of the doctor's desk.

"I wanted to ask you some personal questions about Tachi. Since we don't have a legal guardian, or older sibling, you're the only one we can talk to you about this matter. Everything you'll say here is purely confidential, so you don't have to be afraid about Aizawa-san knowing what you said here." His voice, yet again, was calm and collected, his eyes scanning over several papers that lay before him.

"Of course," Ma-kun agreed, though his voice was distant. "D..did something else happen in the accident..that I wasn't informed of?"

"What I wanted to ask you might have something to do with it, but we're not sure if it's because of the accident..." he paused momentarily, as if to collect his thoughts. "Have you known Aizawa-san to have ever had any sort of mental disorder? Or did he ever act a certain way to indicate that he might have one?"

W..what?? How can..why is he.. Huskey blues widened momentarily. It was awkward, the qestion. The blonde was never conscious of anything along the lines of mental disorder, as far as he knew.. "I..I don't.." The blonde shook his head a little. He had known Tachi for ten years or so. Sure, the ex-singer was -moody-. Ma-kun had endured plenty of the insults, that was for sure. He had never known him to be overly weird in that area, though. "He's..I've never thought him to.." He swallowed another time, trying to grasp what the doctor was asking. "He..gets angry easily, but I..I've never assumed it to be anything..."

"No...extreme moodswings, obsessive compulsive behavior, extreme antisocialism...nothing of the sort? What was his reaction to the knowledge of his adoption?" The doctor briefly wrote upon the clipboard in front of him, eyebrows knitting together for a moment. "The reason why I ask is because, recently, Tachi has been emotionally distressed to the point where he has completely refused to let us take care of him. We believe that he needs to be cared for; and since he isn't allowing us to do so, he is becoming a danger to himself."

Woah woah..! Ta..Tachi he's..adopted?? He shook his head again. Ma-kun hadn't know that fact.. "H..he gets angry..fairly easy.." Ma-kun lowered his eyes a little, trying his best to take in what the doctor was saying to him. He had never taken those other things into concideration. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..antisocial.. The again..he tends not to like people.. Ma-kun mused silently once again.

"He's refusing?" The blues lifted to the young doctor again, a stormy mixture of confusion, sadness, and worry. "But..he knows he was injured. I..I don't know why he'd refuse treatment..."

"That's the question that's arose in our minds, as well..." the look in the doctor's eyes was rather sympathetic. "I'm sorry if I'm intruding into places where I shouldn't be going. But, when we're considering his mental condition, we don't know what to do about it. We're considering having him committed temporarily so we can acquire a proper psyche we have to ask these questions. I hope you can understand." he paused a moment, and spoke before Ma-kun had a chance to reply. "We want to find the root of Aizawa-san's problem without having to send him elsewhere for an analysis...I was hoping that you would be able to help us."

The blonde had to force down a swallow. "" The words came as if Ma-kun had just learned how to pronounce them. If his nervousness wasn't apparent when he first walked into the office, it clearly was now. His fingertips were nearly white from gripping the armrest. I can't! Tachi..he's...he would know that I knew about it before hand! I can't..I..I don't.. Never did the internal conflict cease.

"He'll refuse.." He managed to speak once more, and tried to picture Tachi going into the hospital without a struggle. No way would they get a fucking straight jacket on him.. Yet, knowing how Tachi acted, Ma-kun had a feeling that the restraining device would be needed. "I..I don't know.."

"I don't think we would have a choice." The doctor looked at Ma-kun for a few seconds, and then shook his head, standing up. "I'm sorry that I've taken up so much of your time. I thought, perhaps, that you would know something about this we wouldn't have to fall into procedure." Extending a hand, he gave the blonde a bit of a smile, even though the look in his eyes was troubled.

Parting ways after the doctor gave Ma-kun his business card, the blonde made his way back to Tachi. His mind was spinning, though, and he barely said a word to the singer.


On the ride home, Ma-kun did his best not to cry. ...Again. You need to get a fucking grip on your emotions, Bryn. Ma-kun cursed to himself, using his real name for once. The tears came through, anyways. He couldn't stop them..and, in all honesty, he didn't give a damn.

At the rate things were going, Ma-kun had no clue what to expect. Tachi was in the hospital, he was refusing medication and various ways to be helped, and now..the doctor said he will be put into a psychiatric hospital if his behavior and conditions don't improve.

"Damn it, Tachi!" Ma-kun cried, bringing his head to the steering wheel once his truck was safely in his parking spot. "Just take the fucking treatment!"

Tears slid down his pale face with numb emotions, when Ma-kun realized something. The blonde still hadn't informed his lover that he wasn't accepting Seguchi Tohma's proposal.

Oh god.. His eyes widened slightly. It could've been me. My fault. The accident.. Ma-kun felt sick at the thought, clamping his hand over his mouth. The last thing I said to him..before this happened..was the news about Tohma's offer. More tears fell. He thinks I accepted it.
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