Hiroshi (hiroshi_kun) wrote in faithingravity,

Hit and miss

How pathetic.

Sitting silently on the couch.

How stupid.

Falling back to recline, head slamming against the arm of that same couch. A wince, but otherwise no acknowledgement of it.

You're such an idiot.

And a scene, playing over and over in his head. A phrase, an idea.

What the hell really happened?

Cursing himself over and over, Hiroshi put a hand over his eyes. The sun was bright, shining through the blinds he had tugged shut upon waking up. He had thought that sleep would take those memories away...but they were still there that morning.

And still, he couldn't seem to stop playing the scene in his head. Shuichi, looking so still and dead as he slept. Yuki's rare expression of concern for the boy...and himself, standing in the middle of it. Standing there like he was invisible, a ghost clinging to the wall to watch the scene unfold.

When the writer had noticed him, any note of humanity in him seemed to vanish. He had escaped from Hiro's view...presumably, he left the apartment. Why not, he always ends up leaving anyways.

The rest was like some twisted fairy tale.

You're gonna have to get up sooner or later, y'know. Or do I have to play prince Charming and give you a kiss?"

To his own surprise, he'd actually done it.

And Yuki had watched it all, silently.

The boy's violet eyes slipped open almost immediately...the rest was a blur.

"Yeah... I think Yuki gave me too much....where'd he go?"

"Gave you..? Gave you what?"

"The pill to help me forget... I think? I guess it worked"

The way his best friend spoke, the slur in his voice, made Hiro's head spin with worry and fear and a thousand other thoughts. Shuichi. Sleep. Little white pill...Yuki? Kiss...lips...paper? Paper... Staring down, he pulled a crumpled slip of paper from his pocket. He had carried it back with him from the apartment.

That paper... The name, the number, the handwriting, were all so recognizeable to him. And every line on that paper made the reality a bit clearer to him.

Slowly, Hiro crumpled the paper and tossed it at the wastebasket on the other side of the room, hitting the side instead. Strike three.
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