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Why The Rum??

Suguru finally put the receiver down on the pay phone. He had been holding it for a good 15 minutes after his cousin hung up. All he could hear was the monotonic buzz and the annoying female voice of, Please call and try again. Once the phone was down Suguru tired his hardest to remove himself from the booth. Yet, the alcohol in him seemed to want his body to do otherwise, Seguchi-san please come....He knew what he did was wrong. But the temptation to forget all the emotions and memories that came flooding back to him upon seeing the music video was too much. Suguru gave in to that temptation. Now he was facing the terrible consequences…

Suguru jumped as much as his alcohol induced state would allow him, when a man tapped his shoulder he looked up recognizing the face of his older cousin, "Seguchi-san! You ca...Whah!" in an attempt to stumble out of the booth he tripped over his own feet and fell smack into Tohma's midriff. His cousin stumbled back a bit and managed to grab Suguru before they crashed to the dirty bar floor.

"Should I even bother to ask how you ended up like this?" Tohma asked under his breath as they got themselves to their feet.

"It’s Norihiko..." The only person he had ever felt so close to. How Suguru missed the lead singer. To have seen the face of his friend immortalized on the TV stores of Tokyo mocking his audacity to have continued... to have the nerve to move on was too much, "I saw him..."

"Suguru-san...” Tohma's voice was so quiet that it was almost inaudible in the loud bar,” Let me take you home...”

"I don't want to go home... mother will be angry..."the green haired teen looked up pleadingly at Tohma, "Can I stay?"

Tohma dragged him outside before replying. "You have to face your mistakes, Suguru...”

"Please... Seguchi-san... I feel terrible...I feel -" before he could say what he felt, Suguru was puking all over Tohma and himself. His cousin visibly jumped back nearly dropping the sick boy. Silence followed the ordeal. Suguru realized he had stopped breathing. Before long the cousins continued on their way to the car.

"You're right, why should I let your mother deal with this when there's me?”

Suguru's face was flushed and he actually felt a lot better. He literally climbed through the driver’s seat and into the passenger’s seat and curled up into a small ball. After a few minutes have passed on the road, Suguru felt compelled to break the silence.

"When was the last time we talked, Seguchi-san?" He asked quietly.

"It's.. been a while," answered Tohma.
Suguru was quiet for a few more seconds. The tension in the car was becoming unbearable, "I missed talking to you. Maybe, that’s why I called you."

"Maybe so... but we are both busy people...” He drove fast.

"I wonder... I still wonder. Why do you play the keyboards?" Suguru asked... he hadn’t realized how off topic and completely random his thought was. "What drives you day by day to believe, to continue?"

Tohma pulled into the driveway of the hotel that housed his penthouse apartment. He pulled up to the valet parking, handing the keys to the attendant without replying to Suguru. He walked around to the other side of the car and helped the teen get to his feet, all without a word.

Quietly, Suguru followed Tohma into the penthouse the best he could. Once inside Suguru closed his eyes and breathed in the familiar scent that was his cousin. Cinnamon…mixed with the spicy scent of orchid and vanilla. Once inside the bathroom, his cousin gently began to wipe the corners of his mouth, a rather gentle and somewhat un-Tohma like gesture.

"It’s my passion... probably one of the only things that make me happy...” the older man said quietly in response to the earlier question.

"Happy... You make me happy Seguchi-san" Suguru smiled touching his cousin's hand lightly, "I can do it. You better change." Tohma removed his hand from his cousin's and left him on the floor.

"Seguchi-san, do you mind if i use your shower?"
Tohma turned around at the voice coming from his bathroom. "Please! I'll find you some clean clothes and leave them outside the door," he said; his voice fading as he walked away.
Suguru smiled and closed the door part way, and started to strip himself of his clothes. These past few days have been hell for him. Yet, whenever he was in his cousin's house he felt at ease.

Suguru's main talent is the keyboards and always will be, but its rare for any musician to not possess at least some singing talent. After all Suguru had the blood of a musician running in him, he was singing softly the words that had been haunting him since he saw Masamune's video in the TV store,

"...why do you waste my time...? With your made up looks and crystal smile?"

Finally he turned off the shower and stepped out drying himself off. Suguru found the robe and padded out into the kitchen and sat in one of the chairs, he looked much younger than 16 in a rather girlish and much too large robe. He missed the grin that passed his cousins face.

"This might help," he said, offering Suguru one of the steaming cups of tea.

"Ah! Arigato Seguchi-san!" He took the cup gratefully, "You have no idea how grateful I am... I’m surprised how coherently I’m talking right now..."
"You aren't," Tohma said, his grin betraying his amusement. "You're slurring some of your words."
"Am not..." Suguru shook his head maybe a bit too exaggeratingly.
"Until I get out of the shower, feel free to do whatever you need to make yourself comfortable.. My home is your home." He didn't wait for an answer before turning and leaving the room.
Suguru watched after his cousin's retreating back, his vision blurry. After a while he stared into his tea which was halfway finished. Then he padded into the living room where he curled up in front of the TV. He had not watched TV in a long time. He was feeling the effects of the alcohol again, the dizziness and.... without a second thought Suguru burst into the bathroom, retching sounds could be heard nearly a mile away. Suguru flushed the toilet and sat back down on the cold floor. His head hurt and so did his stomach and heart. Just this reminded him of when Norihiko got so drunk once he passed out in the bathroom right before a concert. He inhaled deeply to keep from sobbing. Before long Suguru padded out of the bathroom and collapsed on the couch again burying his head into the pillow.

Soon his cousin joined him in the living room, dressed in his own bath towel. Suguru bade him to sit with him. To his surprise, the older man complied. After a while Suguru began to tell Tohma all about his meeting with Lotus-san and all the memories she caused to come back unwillingly. Tohma scolded him firmly but gently.

“I swear… never again will I drink…. I will better than you expect me to be Seguchi-san” suguru said burying his head into his cousin’s warm lap.

"That's good to hear," Tohma said, a little softer now, idly petting Suguru's hair. "I take it you've learned your lesson?"

"Hai…Arigato Seguchi-san." Suguru purred softly as he drifted off into a rather deep sleep.

Tohma sweat dropped, being stuck here on the couch with the sleeping teenager resting against him. Suguru woke when his cousin moved, "nnugh...”He wasn’t too happy seeing as his cousin's lap was very warm. Tohma returned and laid a large quilt on top of him.

Once the older man left,Suguru pushed the covers off of him. He got off the couch and quietly walked into Tohma's bedroom. He had only been in here once... he was afraid of the storm and ran in here. Tohma happened to be with some lady he didn't know and doing stuff that when he didn;t know back then. He didn't want to remember that, its embaressing enough that i acted like a baby but to walk in on my cousin doing... GAH! Nonetheless he walked in quietly and crawled in after his cousin.

"What are you doing?" he whispered, voice naturally hushed due to the darkness.

"Sleeping" replied the teenager

"You're too old to sleep in my bed, please leave."


It seemed that Tohma gave in for all he said afterwards was "Night.."

"Night, Seguchi-san" Maybe he was a little too old for this..Seguchi-san was his boss after all.. but right now those things didn't matter. He was just a regular 16 year old looking for comfort from his cousin.
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