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Exhustion is what drove Suguru to enter the remote café on the corner. The combined pressure and exhaustion of his studies and reheresals was finally getting to him. Not to mention his guilt over the death of his bandmate and old friend had been uncovered from its isolated grave in his heart. The keyboardist kept to the shadows of the café, not so much for anonymity of his persona but the need for isolation of human society. Suguru settled himself in a corner at the back of the café. As he looked around, he realized he didn’t really need the isolation, the café was empty enough. The few customers around were only balding adults who mostly like never heard of anything beyond Nat King Cole.

Pretty soon a lady with bright red hair and glasses approached him, “Excuse me,” she said in an almost giddy voice, “but are you Fujisaki Suguru?”

He didn't turn to face the lady as he replied, “Maybe what day is it?” She looked slighty miffed.

“But…you are Fujisaki Suguru! I’ve seen you before,” the lady said squealing rather annoyingly.

“So has the rest of japan,” He knew he was being rather rude, but he didn’t care. His focus was not even on the woman. Suguru just wanted to be alone, so it was either be rude or endure her squabble, ‘Do you want something?”

“May I sit with you? You think I know you from Bad Luck, no? I saw you when you belonged to Masamune as well,” she answered.

Suguru stiffened and his focus was brought immediately to the woman. “I thought our fans were only classmates and nieghhours. We hardly preformed out of school…and when we did …”Sugru quieted remembering the fatal performance. “sit down…”

She smiled brightly and sat down across from him. “Thank you. I came to see you when you performed, but I couldn’t make that particular performance.” She was smiling so much that Suguru just wanted to slap it off her face. But, he never had raised a hand to a woman and will not start now. Woman are to be respected and cherished no matter how annoying. He has morals, unlike most people he knew.

“You missed nothing…” Suguru assumed she knew what happened, for it was all over the local news and papers. If she didn’t..., “I hope you are not looking for a recollection of the concert from me.”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t dream of making you relive that horrid experience,” she said sympathetically, “for what it’s worth, I thought you were quite a good band.”

“Thank you…” Suguru didn’t want to talk about it, he really didn’t. Yet, he felt his guilt was pushing agaist the walls of his barrier, threatening to come out. “I’m assuming you wish to know what happened with us after we disbanded”

“I do, for I wish you hadn’t disbanded at all,” She said as she raked a hand through her hair, laughing nervously. “I guess I’m just a nosy fangirl. I apologize, if you do not wish to tell me.”

Suguru took a a slient breath and gave her an answer that would not hurt him so much,“We had to disband … Masamune would of never been the same without Norihiko. Ichirio Wantanbe … well hes now the head of a rather successful restarant, Dragon Twins. His father died and now hes running his father’s share with his uncle. Have you heard of the restaurant?”

“I have heard of it, but I do not know where it is. Do you have the address? I’ve always wanted to go,” she asked.

Fujisaki reached into his pocket and drew out a small piece of paper on which he scribbled the address and handed it to her, “ask for Wantanbe-san directly.”

The lady nodded quickly. “Thank you kindly, Fujisaki-san.” She took the paper and slid the paper into her purse, taking a sip of the water. WHen she did Suguru noticed that there was a glass in front of him as well. when did this get here?

“His rabbit is named Yuki… imagine that," Suguru pondered loudly not really sure why that was still on his mind or how that would interest the woman. Speaking of names..."What is your name?”

“Lotus Tamiya, Fujisaki-san,” she answered.

“That’s a pretty name… well I must leave, rehersal tonight," A lie, "I would allow you to come but Sakano-san and Tohma-san would have a fit. If you really wish to talk to me more here is my number and address.” Suguru scribbled the information down a piece of napkin and handed it to her as he got up.

Lotus took it happily and stood up as well. “Oh thank you kindly, Fujisaki-san,” she gushed, “I enjoyed talking with you.” She smiled sweetly and bowed. “Until next time, Fujisaki-san.”

“It was a pleasure, Tamiya-san” He returned the bow and walked outside as Tokyo began to light up to banish the evening, not caring too much if the lady had left or not.

That was interesting... Suguru thought as he kept walking, to where only kami knows. He stoped in front of a store where they sold electronics, mostly tvs. On the screens flashed a music video. To his horror it was Masamune first and last video, "Clouded Avenue". His eyes widened as he watched the all too familer dance moves of his friend and lead singer. How Norihiko absently brushed his hair back from his face, staring seductivly at the camera.

"Heading down clouded avenue
Washing the glitter from his eyes
Why do you waste our time?
With your made up looks
And crystal smile?
I am not sure, he replies
As he cocked his head to the side
I just wanted to rock and roll
Live out my dream for a while
Then he looked up from his sorrow on the rocks
Looking to the mirror behind the bar
Only then did I realize,
It was my broken reflection."

Suguru couldn't take it anymore... it was as if Norihiko himself was haunting him, angry with him for contiuning without him. He backed away from the store bummping into two high school girls.

"Ah! Gomen Nasai!" He said picking up the fallen books then dashing off.
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